I’ve participated in differend writing workships and have finished an 18 month online writing course at the Textmanufaktur Leipzig. Apart from that, I’ve learned most of my skills „on the job“ while building, drafting and refining my books.

Blogger and Columnist

In 2013, I’ve started my blog Blog „Seelensnack“, and until last year, I’ve pubslished many blog posts concering live, God and the world itself. In the last few months, due to my work on my books, these posts have become a bit scarse, but all of them ar still available (most of them only in German) on my blogpage.

Since 2017, I’m a regular colmunist at my local paper “Grenchner Tagblatt”. I really enoy merging my love formy home town with historical observations and side glances on current local, national and sometimes global events!


On my publication page, you can browse through my literary and acoustic publications – and of course buy them if interested. Have a look!