About me

Bild 86I’m a writer, singer and songwriter, having published my debut, the CD/Book-ProductionA Place to Dwell (Hier will ich bleiben)” in may 2014. Until 2019, I have been working part-time as a research and administrative assistant in a scientific historical book project. Since then, I’m working as a freelance author from home.

Bild BogenI was born and raised in the northwestern part of Switzerland and have studied contemporary history. Ten years in administration functions have equipped me with the necessary organizational skills to embark on my first independent book and CD publication. After that, I’ve started worling on my first novel that will be publish by Penguin Deutschland on the 13th of December 2021.
More than ten years ago, I’ve returned to my hometown Grenchen where I live with my husband and a three-coloured cat. When I don’t write, sing or read, I try to keep the surroundings of our home in an acceptable state between chaos and order, take part in the literary association of  Grenchen and am part of the leadership of my church.

I’m looking forward to hearing from fans and writing colleagues. Just contact me on Facebook or Twitter, and if you want to be first to be informed about new projects and publications, register for my newsletter.