A Place to Dwell

Claudia Dahinden
Christian, Inspirational

Are you fed up with all the commonly touted roads to success? Do you long for a place where you can rest and be yourself?

This little book doesn’t offer the next good luck potion promising instant fulfillment, which will ultimately fail. Instead it unmasks unhealthy belief systems that lead to dead ends, encouraging and challenging us and offering new insight to ourselves, the world and God. In combination with touching songs, it’s a unique inspiration package.

Words are powerful. They touch us deeply, but too often true meaning is tainted by the barrier that is our mind. Music takes another way, conquering doubts and making room for wisdom
to enter our hearts.

Truth, written down on paper and interwoven with music, meets our deepest core, inspiring and changing our lives.

“Rock solid truths, shimmering like a light in the dark through the thicket of self-made, inherited and assumed belief systems.”